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People start their own blogs for a number of reasons. Some use their blog to journal their lives or specific experiences as a way to share with family, friends, or even strangers with similar experiences. Others use their blog as an outlet for creative or therapeutic expression. Many people create a blog as a way to make money online. If you are in the last group and looking for ways to make money with your blog, there are several options.

PPC Ads: Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are usually small text links that display on your blog. When a visitor clicks the link you get a small commission - usually pennies per click, but it can be much more. The most popular network for PPC ads is Google Adsense. Creating an account with AdSense is simple and free. AdSense "boxes" come in several shapes and sizes, and you can tweak the design of the ad so that it fits nicely with your site. Once you're happy with the results, just copy a piece of code into the page where you want it to appear on your site. Log back into your AdSense account any time to see how your ads are performing - and if you're making any money.

Sponsored Posts: Advertisers hire bloggers to write a post about their company, product, or service. The blogger (you) writes a post and includes the links supplied by the advertiser to their company, product or service. Requirements for each post vary based on the advertiser's needs. There are several reputable sponsored post networks, like SponsoredReviews, where bloggers can find advertisers offering to pay for sponsored posts. If you create paid posts, be honest. If an advertiser is looking for a positive review and you don't like what they have to offer, pass on the opportunity rather than mislead your readers. Reputable blog networks don't require you to rave about things you know nothing about, and most advertisers on these networks don't mind a bit of criticism in a review.

Affiliate Links: Let's say your blog is all about dogs. Dog owners would be likely visitors to this site. This would be a great place to sell dog food, dog beds, and doggies toys. After all, you are offering great dog products directly to dog owners who are likely to want or need them. But you probably don't want to go into the business of manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping doggie products. But, there's probably a company out there that IS in the business of making doggie goods that would pay you a commission for every customer you send their way. Finding products you can promote as an affiliate is easy with affiliate networks like Commission Junction or directly through Amazon Associates. Perhaps you've written a great post on what to look for in a toy for Fido and right there next to your post are advertisements for dog toys. It's convenient for your reader and you earn a commission if they buy through your link. Again, be honest. Never recommend something just to make money.

Reviews: Offer to write reviews of other people's websites. You can make a nifty little banner for your blog that says "your site reviewed here for $10." Of course, choose your own wording and price. Other bloggers and site owners who see your banner can contact you directly to buy a review of their site. This is similar to the sponsored post idea above, but in this case you work directly with your buyer and not through a network. This will be most successful if you have a decent amount of traffic to your site and a good PageRank. Again, be honest. If someone asks you to do a review of their site and you can't find anything good to say about it, let them know that you won't be able to accept the task and refund their money (if they've already paid.)

Sell Ad Space: Banner ads are another opportunity to monetize your blog. You can either sell ad space directly to advertisers or go through an ad network. To sell space directly just create a simple banner ad that includes a graphic background, perhaps with the words "your ad here", and negotiate directly with the advertiser. You will need to work out the details in addition to the price, such as whether you are going to create the banner or the advertiser is going to supply it. The fee you will be able to command will vary depending on your sites popularity and traffic. Be careful not to commit yourself to terms that you'll regret later. For instance, you don't want to offer a big space on your blog for a small fee for a year and find a month from now that space could be much more profitable. If you don't want to deal direct in selling ad space, consider a network like Project Wonderful, which is very simple to set up and manage with no long-term commitments.

There are plenty of ways you can make money with your blog. While these are probably the most popular, there are surely others. While you don't have to limit yourself to just one method, you also don't want to put so many money making methods in one place that they crowd the content and make your blog look spammy. Remember, whatever way you choose to make money with a blog, content is king. Be sure you are providing your readers with content they can use and enjoy.

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